Ametjs is a Certificated Human Tecar Center.

Human Tecar is a revolutionary technology that makes more effective your Therapy!

terapia TECAR

The energy call energy.

TECAR® therapy (Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy) is a method of treatment simple, not-invasive, effective to reactivate and accelerate the natural processes of self-repairing and anti-inflammatory of the human body. Relieves pain and treat in a manner much faster. It is a revolutionary technology for face and body treatments and also rehabilitation program pre-post -surgical operation.

From the first implementing in the treated area:

  • Improves oxygenation (treatment of cellulite and wrinkles).
  • Stimulate microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Promotes the removal of all free radicals.
  • Repairs acute and recurrent osteoarticular distractions.
  • Reduces muscle tension.
  • Decrease in chronic joint pain, distortions, tendinitis and bursitis.
  • Facilitates the re-absorption of edema.
  • Repairs of injuries on tendons, joints, ligaments, cartilage and bone tissue.
  • Treats different forms of osteoporosis, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica.
  • Treats injuries of knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, spine, hands and muscles.
Body and mind in dynamic harmony

Calms and soothe the devastating effects of stress.

4 synergies combined: Massage Therapy, Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Music Therapy in one system that allows you to lose touch with reality and to soak in a bath of various soft lights, to enjoy a slow and continuous massage caresses the body from the neck area to ankles.

Surrounded by music and lulled by the warm and soothing tones, together with deep scents and aromas that make a magical moment of total relax.

In addition Relaxya:

  • Solves all the tension and pain in the muscles.
  • Reduces nervous problems of anxiety, insomnia.
Infrared lights for deep cleaning

A bed with infrared light that envelops the entire body in a pleasant feeling of warmth, widespread and penetrating that stimulates by the inside the cell metabolism, helps remove toxins from the body and the accumulation of water retention, without putting under stress the organism, but by stimulating the function of all organs.

In addition Ossygena:

  • Facilitates weight loss.
  • Eliminates water retention.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Stimulates cell metabolism.
  • Helps remove kidney stones.
  • Improves the function of the female genital organs and relieves menstrual pain.
  • Stimulates the healing of connective tissue in cases of psoriasis and cutaneous affections.
  • Relieves rheumatic pains, joint and muscle.

Ametjs offers special Treatments with the equipments Relaxya and Ossygena by Relyos.
The technological revolution that makes more effective your treatment!

human tecar trattamenti

(Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy).

The TECAR® therapy (Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy ) is a method of treatment simple, not-invasive, and remarkable effectiveness that allows treatment of the biological tissue in innovative way: a mechanism of action that induces the patient to “self-healing”.

The energy call energy.

In essence, this is a system that creates a strong stimulation of energy at a cellular level within the tissues,

so as to reactivate and accelerate the natural processes of autoriparing and anti-inflammatories of the human body, by exerting a pain-relieving and curative in a manner much faster: this is that makes it a technology so revolutionary.

These are the three fundamental actions of Tecar ®, the same ones that would do our body and that are being expanded and that receive a strong acceleration:

  • Stimulate microcirculation.
  • Increase vasodilation.
  • Raising the temperature.

In fact, the stimulation of the tissues, even in the deeper layers, produces from the first implementing a significant decrease in pain, venous circulation and lymphatic drainage, improves oxygenation in the treated area, produces vasodilatation, reduces muscle tension, facilitates the reabsorption of edema. Depending on the problem to be treated, the action may be primarily targeted the muscles, the circulatory and lymphatic system, or you can exercise more in depth and so on tendons, joints, ligaments, cartilage and bone tissue. Each disease osteo-articular and soft tissue changes and slows down the biological processes underlying the repair of the damage suffered. The idea of transferring energy to tissue injury is common to many electrical therapies (radar and Marconi therapy using the antenna effect, the Faraday-effect magnetic Neumann etc.) but all of administering energy from outside.

In contrast, the  TECAR® therapy does not projecting from the outside energy and thus the current is not present for direct contact, but draws in the area to be treated the electric charges already present in the whole body, and hence the energy is generated from within the organism from the so-called “displacement currents”, is from reciprocating movement of attraction and repulsion of the electrical charges that are natural in the form of ions and cells that generate energy within the tissues to repair themselves with metabolic activation and a thermal effect endogenous (ie arising from within).

Compared to other therapies that use energy and high frequencies but to little effect in depth, the advantage of biocompatible TECAR® therapy  to transfer energy to the injured tissue, allows to treat also deeper layers, can not receive external transfers of energy cause overheating and damage to the skin. Each TECAR® therapy session lasts an average of 30 minutes, typically, for a loop full cure, are needed from 5 to 10 sessions.
It is not necessary to follow a road map: as the skin is not in any way sensitized or is subjected to trauma due to overheating, it is immediately applicable after trauma or during the acute phase of an inflammatory process, you can also more than one session during the day, without effects or contraindications side, greatly accelerating the recovery time, providing immediate results particularly stable, and can be combined with other therapies, as well as manual therapy.

An analysis of some academic research shows that recovery times are about halved, revolutionizing the way we do physical therapy and rehabilitation: through a technology, which quickly and without suffering the normal returns functionality and allows you to retrieve the correct joint function. Makes the muscles more elastic and reactive, so are less prone to stretching and tearing, increases the power and has an relaxing action.

The positive effects can be  observed already after the first application, the fact patient felt an instant pain relief with a powerful analgesic effect on nerve endings, action deep, uniform and localized and immediate results and stable by stimulating and strengthening the ability to repair tissue.

Tecar ® is able to effectively treat the diseases and in a short time due to traumatic events on knee, shoulder, hip,  ankle, spine, hands and muscles, as well as inflammatory bone and joint and muscle pain conditions such as  arthritis, back pain and sciatic pains. The Rehabilitation Tecar therapy integrates therapeutic intervention in both bone and joint diseases acute and chronic.

The TECAR® therapy has as its only counter the application of subjects with pacemakers and pregnant women. Instead it ‘s possible, without side effects, use in patients with synthetic means metal, vascular prostheses. Is used in rehabilitation treatment for the recovery of:

  • Distortions;
  • Tendon injuries;
  • Tendinitis and bursitis;
  • Outcomes of bone and ligament injuries;
  • Acute and recurrent osteoarticular distractions;

is active in:

  • Different forms of osteoporosis;
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation programs;
  • Chronic joint pain from various causes;
  • Especially after arthroplasty.

The TECAR® therapy has found excellent results not only in sports medicine, in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in pain management, ensuring good and lasting results in times very rapid, but it is becoming increasingly common

also in flebolinfologia, thanks to its action drainage hemolymphatic very effective, recovery of microcirculation and tissue oxigenation. It has no side effects and can be easily associated to other therapies, such as manual therapy.

Permit to obtain positive results quickly in the field of aesthetics: thanks to its ability to induce the reactivation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, is a method really effective in the treatment of cellulite, by acting on the microcirculation, the nodular formation of the fibrous skeletal system, and the adipocytes, reactivating the natural process of lipolysis. Successfully used in anti-aging facial treatments, improves lymphatic circulation, and promotes the removal of toxic catabolites, first of all free radicals. The skin becomes smooth and light, it becomes swollen and relaxed, wrinkles are reduced and the overall aesthetic appearance is visibly improved.

In the field of cosmetic surgery is an excellent support both before and after an intervention for revascularization of the tissue and helps to prevent the formation of edema and hematoma of the post-operative with the ability to stimulate tissue repair.

Used especially for race horses and racing, Tecar ® is available also in veterinary medicine for the solution of many painful syndromes affecting animals large or small size.

The Tecar ®
The Tecar ® is scientifically proven and patented internationally, Tecar ® brands, TECAR® therapy and are registered by the Human Tecar® Unibell International Ltd., the house that holds the exclusive distribution of the equipment and only in centers recognized and authorized Tecar ® displaying the mark can be practiced such therapy only with original equipment branded Indiba Unibell and exclusively by qualified personnel who earned certificates of training certificates Tecar ® The logos Tecar ®, Human Tecar ® and ® TECAR therapy, with the operator’s hand and the “T” and Tecar ® of Technology, fully represent the essence and philosophy of therapy Tecar® : not a simple instrumental therapy, but a method in which it is associated with extraordinary effectiveness, the manual technique of the operator and the technology of the equipment to achieve the maximum result and precision in treating exclusively the area of application in any Treatment with immediate relief and  recovery time reduced.